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Improving Lives Here and Across the Globe

At Shoo for Good, our core value is to improve lives. One way we do this is through our partnership with the United Nations Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign that helps provide bed nets and other aid and supplies to people at risk of malaria. Amina, a 35-year old mother to five children, is an internally displaced person currently living in a camp with her family in Borno State, Nigeria, the epicenter of a decade-long violent conflict between government and armed opposition forces. Internally displaced people (IDPs) have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict or persecution and, unlike refugees who leave their home country, seek safety elsewhere within their own country’s borders.  Over two million Borno residents have been displaced and over seven...

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We're Making a Difference

If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito. I don't think Anita Roddick, the late founder of The Body Shop, meant for us to take her words literally but, in my case, it really was that tiny, little insect that inspired me to take on a cause. When we started Shoo for Good last year, we knew we wanted to make the world a better place for customers so they could enjoy their time outdoors, without the nuisance of mosquitoes, but also for people fighting life-threatening diseases like malaria.  And we have. The very customers who write to let us know how happy they are to have a solution to the mosquito problem are the same people...

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Please Meet Annie O. Waterman

When dreaming up Shoo for Good, I knew I wanted to create something as beautiful and well-made as it was useful. I wanted to offer a practical solution to combat mosquitoes that did good in the world, giving back not just to the fight against malaria but also providing work in regions affected by the disease. There was more on my wish-list: could the scarves I envisioned also be made by hand, under ethical and sustainable conditions? Annie O. Waterman, founder of AOW Handmade, had an answer for me: Yes, you can have it all. Annie introduced me to a possible partner in Ethiopia and, next thing I knew, I was placing my first order. I haven't looked back. I'm thrilled to have met Annie and I think you will be, too: Please describe your business...

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The Oprah Stamp of Approval!

We got it! Shoo for Good made Oprah's famous list for Spring and Summer! A small business really couldn't ask for anything more validating than a nod from the fabulous Oprah Winfrey! I have to admit that when I was glued to Oprah's recent interview with Megan and Harry, just about all I could think about was mosquitoes!  As I watched the three of them chatting in a most gorgeous Montecito garden, I imagined how just one little, buzzing bug could distract them from their intimate conversation. I wished a Shoo for Good wrap or two had been draped over the arm of one of the chairs, just in case. Luckily, no swatting or shooing took place (it was early in the season) and the three of them were able...

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What's New for Spring/Summer 2021

After a solid year of endless Blursdays, it looks like the upcoming spring and summer might gift us with the opportunity to distinguish a Tuesday from a Friday from a Sunday. As the days get longer and warmer and as more of us are getting the vaccine, we can start making (safe) plans and celebrating the life we once knew. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to get out and travel, too! While many were cooped up, staying safe inside all winter, we at Shoo for Good were working (virtually) with our team in Ethiopia on new designs, colors, and weights so you’ll have just what you need for a super muggy day, a chilly evening, and everything in...

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