There are few women in my orbit more chic than Hardie Cobbs.

She's a style coach, artist, and designer who works to help us all lead fulfilling lives of intention.

"My goal is to encourage women to focus on ways to connect with themselves and elevate their style," she writes on her website, A Year In Style. "I believe true style comes from the combination of having both inner and outer confidence, which happens when you have a true appreciation of who you are and what you want out of life."

A Year in Style is generously filled with ideas of how to build that confidence and enjoy life just a bit more. I'm sure you'll enjoy spending time there as much as I do. (Follow her on Instagram--AYearInStyle_-- and make sure to download her fabulous Spotify playlists!) 

And, boy, does she wear scarves well. 

I reached out to Hardie to see if she would share her thoughts on the subject. She was kind enough to agree:

I love this time of year. Not only because the holidays are upon us but because we are able to express our style in more interesting ways now the weather is cooler. The oppressive heat of the summer months demands a more simplified wardrobe but during the cooler months we are able to be more creative with our outfits. 

Scarves are an important part of my style, whether it's a neck scarf, a losange, or a full shawl. I think scarves are the easiest way to add color to your outfit, especially if you tend to only wear neutrals. It's also a great way to add patterns as well. Nothing pulls an outfit together like an interesting scarf!

If you think wearing scarves is for your grandmother, think again. Just look at the ever-so-chic French and Italian women for inspiration. And if you are feeling bored with how you have been wearing scarves, here are a few ways to elevate your styling skills.

Instead of the common wrap around the neck approach, try these instead.

  • Belt It. This works best with larger scarves or shawls.

Step 1: Wrap around your neck with the pointed ends facing down

Step 2: Choose a belt that works well with your outfit and your body lines. 

(TIP: if you are short waisted a thinner belt works well and vice versa for longer waists)

  • The Neckerchief. This works well with all square sizes as well as all materials - cotton, silk, lightweight wool....

Step 1: Halve the scarf twice, so that it's a rectangle.

Step 2: Fold the square diagonally for a triangular shape.

Step 3: Take the two ends located on the longest side of the triangle and tie it around your neck.

  • The Handbag Adornment. Don’t limit your styling to your neck. Tying a pop of color or pattern to your handbag will elevate your outfit in the most simple way. 

As you start thinking about gifts for those special people in your life, consider giving a scarf or a shawl this holiday season. Even if you have a special friend who seems to have everything, a scarf or shawl will elevate any outfit. You can never have enough scarves which makes them perfect for everyone on your list.


Make sure you choose colors found in your unique color palette as well as patterns that suit your overall body geometry.

December 06, 2021 — Christy Hobart

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