After a solid year of endless Blursdays, it looks like the upcoming spring and summer might gift us with the opportunity to distinguish a Tuesday from a Friday from a Sunday.

As the days get longer and warmer and as more of us are getting the vaccine, we can start making (safe) plans and celebrating the life we once knew. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to get out and travel, too!

While many were cooped up, staying safe inside all winter, we at Shoo for Good were working (virtually) with our team in Ethiopia on new designs, colors, and weights so you’ll have just what you need for a super muggy day, a chilly evening, and everything in between. Those mosquitoes will know to steer clear!

First, please meet the Gardenia, our lightest-weight scarf yet—a whisper of cotton voile—that you’ll want on really hot summer days or for more formal occasions, like garden weddings and other celebrations. The two-tone design, which comes in two colorways (and soon a third), is subtle and chic, and pairs well with patterns and solids, alike. We see your Gardenia floating over your shoulders in a light breeze as you toast a happy couple, dreaming about their beautiful future together instead of battling the mosquitoes buzzing around the venue.

We have a new colorway—black and tan—for the Laurel (coming soon!), our most versatile wrap. Made from thicker hand-spun cotton, it drapes well, isn’t bulky, and will keep you warm on chilly nights. Imagine sitting around a fire, chatting with friends, with the Laurel over your shoulders or draped over your lap. Annoying mosquitoes won’t pull your attention away from the stimulating conversation. Or lay your Laurel down on the lawn as a picnic blanket where it will keep ticks and other bugs away, too.

We’ve added new colors for spring/summer for our classic Camellia: a gorgeous blush that looks great on everyone and sea glass, the color of the season. Or try it in blue waves, my favorite, which is coming soon. (I found myself wearing the prototype all winter long.) The Camellia pairs well with everything from formal wear to jeans and a T. Or, you can wrap it around your waist as a sarong.

And let’s not forget the Spruce! It’s a Shoo for Good staple, available in marine, stone, and now a creamy cloud white.  Great for everyone.

After a year of serious challenges, let’s not let tiny, little, annoying bugs distract us from the joys in life. Toss on a Gardenia, Laurel, Camellia, or Spruce, get outside, and enjoy the moment, bug-free!

March 24, 2021 — Christy Hobart

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