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For those of us who want to look chic during every adventure, even when swarmed by mosquitos on safari or while glamping in one of the United States glorious national parks, look no further than Shoo For Good, a conscientious scarf company. Made in Ethiopia under World Fair Trade Organization Guidelines, these hand-spun, hand -dyed, hand-woven cotton scarves not only accessorise your outfit, but repel insects with advanced, EPA-registered, anti-bug technology. Choose from four styles in a variety of colors. $160 shooforgood.com


ShoutOutLA loves Shoo for Good's Insect-repellent scarf and wrap

Meet the Founder and Owner of Shoo for Good
Hi Christy, is your business focused on helping the community? If so, how?
My business is all about community, local and further afield. I started Shoo for Good, which makes mosquito-repellent cotton scarves and wraps, to solve a problem and do good in the world...
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A Chic Solution to Buggy Nights
Wine tastings in the vineyard; dinners under the stars; weddings in a field; and so many parties in the garden. California was made for outdoor enjoyment. Then the mosquitoes caught on. 
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Ingenious Gifts for Travelers 

Hate bug bites, but also hate the smell, stickiness and ick factor of bug sprays? Shoo for Good’s elegant, oversized scarves, wraps and throws start with fair-trade, sustainable cotton, hand-spun by Ethiopian women artisans using traditional techniques. Then the textiles are treated with a WHO- and EPA-approved insect repellent. The result? The garments create sort of a force-field around the wearer, designed to remain effective for over 70 washings. Plus, a portion of the sales proceeds goes to provide bed netting to families in need. From $140.

A Hotel Life Shoo for Good

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Would you rather… Spray yourself up with toxic repellent or let the bugs eat you alive? Sound like a query Dylan Don would pose. Good news: you can avoid both. This 100% cotton shawl is treated to repel insects without releasing any harmful substances — it is even suitable for babies. And it’s beautiful, versatile and made in Ethiopia by a cooperative of women.

Summer Sunset Essentials 

Don’t let the pests keep you from enjoying your sunset. Toss on a mosquito-repellent scarf from Shoo for Good and enjoy the outdoors without slathering on sticky, smelly bug spray. The Santa Monica-based company offers four styles of 100% cotton, sustainably handmade scarves and wraps for men and women that are enhanced to repel insects. The odorless, invisible protection lasts for 70 washings. What’s more, with every wrap sold, a donation is made to Nothing But Nets, the United Nations Foundation’s effort to combat malaria by providing families with protective bed nets and other resources.


Bugs Be Gone 

Whether you are spending time outdoors in your own backyard or venturing out on an African safari, when the bugs are biting, it’s good to have some extra protection. Enter insect-repellent clothing, designed to ward off ticks, mosquitoes and more....

Shoo for Good founder Christy Hobart loves a good garden party but did not enjoy the onslaught of insects that came along with it. 

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10 Ways to Stylishly Protect Yourself 

Shoo for Good: Founded by Christy Hobart during long, mosquito-laden lockdown nights in summer 2020, Shoo for Good provides multipurpose defense against critters and the elements thanks to wraps that incorporate insect-repellent technology. The mission-driven business provides micro-enterprise opportunities for Ethiopian weavers, and a portion of sales supports Nothing but Nets, a United Nations initiative that distributes mosquito nets to populations vulnerable to disease-carrying insects.                 


Buzzing with service... Christy Hobart
After noticing the increase in mosquitos in her backyard, Hobart was inspired to start Shoo For Good offering a line of chic, casual insect-repelling wraps. A portion of the proceeds goes to Nothing But Nets - a non-profit fighting the spread of malaria. 


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Good Company: How Shoo For Good's Bug-Repellent Scarves and Wraps Help People Affected by Malaria

“I love to spend time in my garden but found the pests were keeping me cooped up inside,” says Hobart, a former lifestyle journalist who lives in Santa Monica. “And when my husband and I would have friends over for dinners under the pergola, I’d find myself offering them a spritz of bug spray along with a glass of rosé.” 

Determined to find a more elegant solution than bug spray, Hobart, 57, started to brainstorm ideas for attractive clothes or accessories that could ward off the pests.

She says, “I knew bug-repellent clothing existed for campers but couldn’t find anything stylish that would be nice for wearing to dinners outside, or to garden parties or weddings or when traveling in buggy locales.” 

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The O List: A few perfect-for-spring things we think are just great!
Hosting a socially distanced picnic? Fun! Swatting away mosquitoes the whole time? Infuriating. These cotton wraps, scarves, and throws are all made with a repellent that's bound to the textiles' fibers and maintains potency for up to 70 washes. Best of all, investing in one means supporting Nothing But Nets, a worldwide malaria awareness campaign. 

I always, always have a shawl with me, especially in the summertime. I am also somebody who gets bitten by mosquitoes all the time. The invention of this shawl that can repel mosquitoes is just unbelievable to me. It really, really repels. It’s the finest invention. I have one in every color. I’m obsessed. It’s handwoven in Ethiopia, and it feels really nice on. It also doesn’t have any kind of smell — unlike bug spray or even other pashminas, this is odorless. And for every one purchased, the company donates mosquito nets and malaria treatments to communities that need them across the world. It’s really amazing.

If mosquitoes are ruining your evenings outside and you're not into using chemical-laden lotions or sprays, there's a new solution. Shoo for Good wraps and scarves are sheer, lightweight, and have insect-repelling technology woven right into the fabric. These remarkable products also give back! So protect yourself, do some good, and learn more about Shoo for Good wraps and scarves. 

How to Prevent (and Treat) Mosquito Bites, According to Experts
Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones swears by this cotton shawl from Shoo for Good that’s handwoven in Ethiopia and is “enhanced with odorless, invisible, EPA-registered Insect Shield protection,” according to the product description. (Insect Shield also makes its own permethrin spray and a line of permethrin-treated clothing.) “I am somebody who gets bitten by mosquitoes all the time,” says Zeta-Jones. “It really, really repels. It also doesn’t have any kind of smell — unlike bug spray or even other pashminas, this is odorless.” Like other permethrin-impregnated clothing, this one can be washed up to 70 times before it loses its efficacy.

9 Products That Delighted Us Last Week: From Sport Shorts to Mosquito-Repellent Shawls
This week, we asked Catherine Zeta-Jones what she can’t live without, and she mentioned something we’d never heard of before: a mosquito-repellant shawl. “I always, always have a shawl with me, especially in the summertime,” she says, and as someone who gets bitten by mosquitoes often, “the invention of this shawl that can repel mosquitoes is just unbelievable to me.” She calls it “the finest invention,” and says it “really, really repels” even though it’s odorless. Plus, she notes, it’s handwoven in Ethiopia, and “for every one purchased, the company donates mosquito nets and malaria treatments to communities that need them across the world. It’s really amazing.”

5 Wearable Mosquito Repelling Products That Keep Pesky Biting Bugs at Bay
New from Shoo for Good, each of their hand-woven wraps and scarves is made with odorless insect repellent. You could easily pair one of these stylish wraps or scarves with any summer outfit to go for a stroll or sip wine on the patio. Plus, with each purchase, Shoo for Good donates to Nothing But Nets, a worldwide campaign to fight malaria.

7 Unexpected Mosquito Repellent Ideas to Try This Summer

Discovering these mosquito-repelling wraps from Shoo For Good was nothing short of a gamer-changer. These breezy cotton wraps and scarves are enhanced with invisible, EPA-registered Insect Shield® technology that repels bugs without smells, sprays, or citronella. The effect comes from something called Permethrin, an active ingredient that's even safe for children and anyone pregnant or nursing and lasts about 70 washes. The resulting wraps are fashionable (word on the street is that Catherine Zeta-Jones is a fan), fair-trade woven in Ethiopia, and and even give back to malaria-fighting nonprofit Nothing But Nets. Consider us sold.

Now’s your chance to own Catherine Zeta-Jones’ mosquito-repellent shawl

Mosquitoes killing your buzz this summer? Catherine Zeta-Jones has a stylish solution.

As part of a series of celebrity auctions launched by eBay and New York Magazine’s The Strategist, the Oscar winner is offering up one of her favorite things: a Shoo for Good bug-repellent shawl she apparently buys in bulk.

“This shawl repels mosquitoes. It really, really repels them. It’s very practical, and I feel it kind of goes with everything, which is another reason I like it,” Zeta-Jones, 50, told The Strategist.

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Summer Stock: New and notable from the Hamptons and beyond
Savor cool summer evenings while swaddled in the toxin-free, insect-repellen cotton Camellia wrap from Shoo for Good. Each sale benefits Nothing but Nets, an organization devoted to protecting needy families from insect-borne diseases.