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This Sweet and Surprising Life

No one was more surprised than I was when I launched Shoo for Good. It seemed so totally random. I was never an entrepreneur or business person and I never imagined owning my own company. But life is full of surprising twists and turns...

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Picnic at the Bowl with Billi and Alan

Here in LA, a Joy of Summer is a night at the Hollywood Bowl. I’ve enjoyed concerts at the Bowl since I was a little (Charles Aznavour anyone? Helen Reddy? Stevie Wonder!), but the most fun is to be a guest of Billi and Alan Rakov. They do The Bowl right. And it’s no surprise. Billi, an artist and designer, and Alan, a music business executive and co-founder of, have been going regularly since moving to California in the early 90s. “I instantly fell in love with The Bowl,” Billi says. “It’s a classic part of L.A. history and a public park!” The venue, celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year, is a second home to the LA Phil and...

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The New Blue for 2022

Shoo for Good loves France, the country that inspired our new cobalt blue wrap. I spend a lot of time in Paris and get lots of questions from friends when planning trips there. I thought, why not share with you, too? Maybe you're planning a trip, too!

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Back Out in the World

After years of avoiding close contact with strangers, we dive in during a Shoo for Good photo shoot at the beach. And we're glad we did! Come along...

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Please Meet Hardie Cobbs

There are few women in my orbit more chic than Hardie Cobbs. She's a style coach, artist, and designer who works to help us all lead fulfilling lives of intention. "My goal is to encourage women to focus on ways to connect with themselves and elevate their style," she writes on her website, A Year In Style. "I believe true style comes from the combination of having both inner and outer confidence, which happens when you have a true appreciation of who you are and what you want out of life." A Year in Style is generously filled with ideas of how to build that confidence and enjoy life just a bit more. I'm sure you'll enjoy spending time there as much as I do. (Follow her on Instagram--AYearInStyle_-- and...

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