A young African girl smiles because her family received a bed net from efforts funded by Shoo for Good’s partner, Nothing But Nets. She and her family can sleep well without fear of being bitten by malaria-spreading mosquitoes.

Why start SHOO for Good?

Thanks to climate change, mosquitoes are now thriving in places they never had—like my Santa Monica garden—and upsetting life as we knew it. I wanted an easy solution that wasn’t ugly, sticky or smelly, and that didn’t require a shower at the end of the night. My solution: chic, mosquito-repellant wraps that we could throw on before going outside, pack easily for travels, and toss over our shoulders at outdoor parties or weddings. A soft, beautiful staple we’d take with us everywhere—just in case. It would allow us to enjoy the moment, bug-free, wherever we were.

April 20, 2020 — Christy Hobart