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Our Commitment

Shoo for Good exists to keep ticks, mosquitoes, and other bugs at bay for our customers, to create fair wage jobs, and to help save lives in other parts of the world. With each fairtrade scarf, wrap, or pant sold, we make a contribution to our partner, the United Nations Foundation's United to Beat Malaria, an organization that provides protective bed nets and aid to families in regions of the world fighting malaria.

What people are saying
I love this wrap so much. Not only is it very effective and functional as a mosquito repellent, but it looks really chic with whatever I'm wearing, from jeans to a cocktail dress! I have purchased quite a few as birthday and holiday gifts. It's the perfect present - unique, beautiful and something everyone needs.
— Cece
My Shoo wrap is lightweight, pretty, and easy to have with me. It also relieves the anxiety of outside summer events where bugs might be hunting for their evening snack. I know they won't be on me!
— Maureen S.
I took this wrap with me on a camping trip just in case and ended up wearing it the whole time. At the time I wished I could have all of my clothes made from SfG wraps, to protect me. Sadly my ankles suffered but my upper self was covered and bite-free.
— Kat C.
I love the beautiful soft rose color and the length. We have a beautiful back yard, plagued with mosquitos every summer. We don’t want to use bug zappers and kill beneficial insects as well as mosquitos. Now I can sit in my yard. Yesterday a mosquito hovered in front of me and didn’t come any closer. He seemed puzzled!
— Helen
The absolutely stunning Shoo For Good Wraps have rescued our outdoor entertaining while doing good for the world! They also make wonderful hostess gifts.
— Abby
This is my favorite wardrobe investment of the year! It is my stylish secret weapon. I feel chic and am protected as I wear it for outside dinners, during hikes in the Sierras and wrapped around my legs as I sit (socially distanced) outside watching the sunset with friends. Shoo for good is a game changer.
— Samantha S.
As a person prone to bites, I was thrilled to find these beautiful, bug-repelling scarves. I purchased an assortment. Draping one around my shoulders improved my outfit and kept my arms from being covered in welts. These wraps are well-made and function perfectly in keeping the bugs at bay.
— Laura

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