About Us

Why Shoo for Good?

After working in fashion in Paris then at magazines in New York, I made my way back home, to Santa Monica, where I freelanced and raised a family. A big part of our lives here has centered around the garden where we relax; grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables; and entertain our friends.

A few years ago, thanks to climate change, mosquitoes started joining us for drinks at six and for dinner on the porch. They were even lying in wait in the early morning, eager to follow me around as I cut herbs and roses. 

It was my love of being in the garden—paired with my ongoing battle with my little enemy—that inspired Shoo for Good. It's my way to solve a problem, make your life more enjoyable, and to do some good in the world.

Christy Hobart, founder.

Our products.

Shoo for Good cotton scarves, wraps, and pants combine traditional craftsmanship with modern, insect-repelling technology so you can enjoy the moment, bug-free, wherever you are. They repel ticks, mosquitoes, and other bugs for up to 70 washings, create fair-wage employment, and give back to the fight against malaria. 

Sheer and lightweight cotton or with a nubby texture, super-soft Shoo for Good wraps are perfect for outdoor parties, weddings and concerts; on vacation in the tropics; on restaurant patios; and beyond! Our pants, too, can be dressed up or down, according to the occasion.

Who are our partners?

Shoo for Good products are designed in LA and created by artisans in Ethiopia and India working under fair and sustainable conditions (members of the World Fair Trade Organization). In Ethiopia, this starts with the women who spin locally sourced cotton using methods handed down through generations. The beautifully irregular thread—impossible to reproduce by machines—is then color-dyed in small batches. Using centuries-old techniques, the thread is then woven on hand looms into soft, textured, gorgeous textiles. In a workshop in India,  our dyemaster creates just the right AZO-free colors for other artisans to use to handprint our scarves. Our pants are sewn in small workshops.

To the traditional, we add modern technology by Insect Shield®, enhancing these handcrafted textiles with effective, EPA-registered permethrin that’s tightly bound to the fibers of each product.

Every wrap—and pant—gives back. 

Shoo for Good was created to make life better for our customers and, even more important, to help save the lives of people battling deadly insect-borne diseases around the world. Our global partner, the United Nations Foundation and its United to Beat Malaria, has helped deliver over 13 million protective bed nets to families in need. With your help, they will deliver even more.

Visit United to Beat Malaria to learn more.