enhanced with Insect Shield® technology

Easy, Invisible, Long-Lasting Protection

Insect Shield® technology

Designed to Protect

Shoo for Good products, enhanced with Insect Shield® technology, eliminate the need to slather yourself with DEET or another sticky, smelly lotion or spray. Insect Shield’s active ingredient, permethrin, has been registered with the EPA since the 1970s. It’s approved for use by the entire family, including pregnant and nursing women, infants, and children.

During the repellency process, a small amount of permethrin is tightly bound to the fibers of our cotton products where it remains effective for 70 washings, the expected lifetime of a garment. There’s no sticky feel, no odor, and nothing to reapply. 

It’s used in US military clothing, on hiking clothing and outdoor gear, and is similar to (but not as strong as) what's used on bed nets distributed throughout malaria-stricken regions. The World Health Organization lists permethrin as an essential and effective medicine.