We're gearing up for The Garden Conservancy's annual Open Days garden tour. The Edna May Garden, named after my grandmother who planted the first roses here in the '60s, debuted on the tour in 2007. Now we're back, along with three other interesting gardens!

Soon after we first moved in, garden designer Lisa Moseley created a garden for our young family with a large lawn, a swing set, and good "bones," as she says, working around some of the trees and roses that had been planted by my grandmother. In the years since the initial design, a lot has changed--a pool was swapped for the lawn, brick for the decomposed granite, new hedge material for hedges that never really "took"--always under Moseley's attentive eye. 

Most recently, we built a guest house in the back of the garden where the chickens and lavender beds were. Lisa reworked the areas around the new structure--taking out our old, built-in seating around the now-gone fire pit and removing some hedges--giving us more space around the pool. (You'll find me here all summer!) She's brought in lots of new plants: more citrus, an old olive tree, some redbud trees, and designed a fabulous decorative wrought-iron focal point.

On May 6th, we're inviting guests to visit our updated garden on the Garden Tour again. Please join us and support The Garden Conservancy.

All the California rain we've had has made our plants very happy. Come see the garden that inspired Shoo for Good and say hi!

April 12, 2023 — Christy Hobart

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