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Getting Away when we Can't Travel

We may dream of hopping on a plane to Rome, swimming in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, or boarding a ship and cruising to Alaska, but chances are we’ll be sticking closer to home this summer. That doesn’t mean we can’t escape. Find a comfortable, shady spot in your backyard garden; under a tree or on a bench in a quiet park; or under an umbrella on a secluded stretch of beach. Drape your Shoo for Good wrap over your shoulders, grab a great book, and head outside.

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Malaria and COVID-19

Infectious diseases like malaria don’t disappear when there is a pandemic. Mosquitoes that transmit malaria don’t follow social distancing guidelines. The rainy season still comes, and the number of mosquitoes still increases. Those unlucky enough to be infected, still risk death.

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Why start SHOO for Good?

Thanks to climate change, mosquitoes are now thriving in places they never had—like my Santa Monica garden—and upsetting life as we knew it. I wanted an easy solution that wasn’t ugly, sticky or smelly, and that didn’t require a shower at the end of the night. My solution: chic, mosquito-repellant wraps that we could throw on before going outside, pack easily for travels, and toss over our shoulders at outdoor parties or weddings. A soft, beautiful staple we’d take with us everywhere—just in case. It would allow us to enjoy the moment, bug-free, wherever we were.

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