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Fighting Malaria in a Pandemic

As the world continues to fight back against COVID-19, we can not take our foot off the gas pedal in finding an end to malaria for good. Such incredible progress in this fight is due to U.S. leadership through programs like the President’s Malaria Initiative and the Global Fund. Together, these programs go far beyond protecting the world’s most vulnerable from malaria, and with continued U.S. leadership, millions of lives can be saved from COVID-19 and malaria for years to come.

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Tips for a Mosquito-Free Garden

Your Shoo for Good wrap will keep you protected from mosquitoes but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make our outdoor spaces inhospitable to pests. They can bite your dog, after all, and transmit canine heartworm. Or they could attack friends who visit (and forget to bring their wraps). Here are some tips: Get rid of standing water This is Rule Number One. Mosquitoes only need a thimbleful of standing water to thrive. Water can be in the usual places—saucers under flowerpots, bird baths, forgotten watering cans—but it can also collect on upturned leaves, in clogged pipes or rain gutters, in spots of the lawn with poor drainage, and in certain light fixtures or decorative accents. Get rid of it, and they can't breed....

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Getting Away when we Can't Travel

We may dream of hopping on a plane to Rome, swimming in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, or boarding a ship and cruising to Alaska, but chances are we’ll be sticking closer to home this summer. That doesn’t mean we can’t escape. Find a comfortable, shady spot in your backyard garden; under a tree or on a bench in a quiet park; or under an umbrella on a secluded stretch of beach. Drape your Shoo for Good wrap over your shoulders, grab a great book, and head outside.

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Malaria and COVID-19

Infectious diseases like malaria don’t disappear when there is a pandemic. Mosquitoes that transmit malaria don’t follow social distancing guidelines. The rainy season still comes, and the number of mosquitoes still increases. Those unlucky enough to be infected, still risk death.

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Why start SHOO for Good?

Thanks to climate change, mosquitoes are now thriving in places they never had—like my Santa Monica garden—and upsetting life as we knew it. I wanted an easy solution that wasn’t ugly, sticky or smelly, and that didn’t require a shower at the end of the night. My solution: chic, mosquito-repellant wraps that we could throw on before going outside, pack easily for travels, and toss over our shoulders at outdoor parties or weddings. A soft, beautiful staple we’d take with us everywhere—just in case. It would allow us to enjoy the moment, bug-free, wherever we were.

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