This summer was meant to be spent at a lake house in New Hampshire. My daughter and her friends, all new high school grads, had created a chill playlist; my husband and I planned day trips and menus; and I had a secret weapon to combat the mosquitoes that would surely be buzzing about: Shoo for Good wraps for all!

And then...well, then Covid 19 entered the picture. We're staying home.

We'll make the most of it. We really can't complain. (Well, my daughter, her friends, and the entire Class of 2020 can.) We're lucky to be in LA with nice, outdoor space.

The mosquitoes are lucky to be here, too, though. They discovered Los Angeles several years ago, as our climate became more welcoming to them. 

That's okay. They won't keep us cooped up inside. We'll have our dinners on the porch and under the pergola, and drinks at the fire pit. We'll read books and maybe take naps by the pool. We'll just make sure to have our Shoo for Good wraps with us. If we do, we won't need to worry about bites or the unsightly welts that follow. The mosquitoes will stay away.

June 21, 2020 — Christy Hobart

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