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Lunch in the Garden

Food tastes better when eaten outside, period. Especially in summer when the sun is warm and the birds are out. On the patio, under a pergola, or out on blanket on a lawn, food just tastes better there.

One of my all-time favorite lunches is home-grown tomatoes, sliced or chopped; a ball or two of buffalo mozzarella; a sprinkling of home-grown basil; a drizzle of olive oil; a good pinch of salt and some pepper. It's quick, easy, salty, and sweet.

If I have a lazy afternoon ahead, I'll have a glass of rosé, too. One of my favorites is Commanderie de Peyrassol, a nice, light, and affordable wine from Provence. You can order some here.

Don't forget your Shoo for Good wrap! Enjoy the moment, bug-free!


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