Part of the reason I started Shoo for Good (other than wanting to give back and help people enjoy time outdoors) was for the adventure I thought it would offer. My youngest was heading off to college and I'd have free time to travel. I envisioned myself spending time in Africa, getting to know the artisans who make our lovely shawls and seeing how they work. I imagined collaborating, face-to-face, on new ideas and watching our ideas become beautiful, tangible products.

I also dreamed of working--in person--with Nothing but Nets, maybe helping distribute bed nets to families in need. I wanted to get to know people who live in communities where a mosquito bite could mean malaria, not just an itchy welt. 

I planned on traveling to other places, too, for inspiration.

But then...the pandemic hit. I'm not going anywhere for a while. I'm stuck at home, feeling lucky to have a garden for a little escape.

But running a small business, even in a time of isolation, isn't all that isolating, as it turns out.

I don't correspond with most customers, but those who reach out for one reason or another have been so lovely. (Big thanks to those of you who have contacted me--and have been understanding--about delayed USPS packages!) I guess our relationships start on good footing, with a strong bond, a common foe: the mosquito!

I've learned from our exchanges that, in addition to hating mosquitoes, you care about the Nothing But Nets mission; you appreciate the artisanal quality of the scarves and wraps; and your wraps are helping you enjoy summer evenings even more. You offer me smart suggestions and encouragement. Thank you. These emails mean a lot to me.

Though I haven't been able to travel, I feel like I've made some friends all across the country and as far aways as Mexico, Israel, France, Austria, and Australia. 

I'll thank the mosquitoes for that. Maybe they're not all bad. (Well, they are, actually.)




August 17, 2020 — Christy Hobart


Louise said:

I love this. Everything has a silver lining. x

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