Insect-Repellent Camellia Wrap in Cloud



The Camellia

The Camellia in Cloud , our best-seller, is white, light, airy, and goes with everything. Wear it when you'd rather smell like Chanel No. 5 than bug spray. 

The lightweight, feather-fringed Camellia wrap has two subtle lines of hand-spun tan thread at the edges. Handwoven in Ethiopia with the finest, locally spun cotton. Simple, classic, and elegant, you'll want to take it with you everywhere.



36” by 82” 

Contents + Care

100% Ethiopian cotton.
Machine wash on cold, line- or tumble-dry on low.
Cool iron.
Do not dry clean.


Fair Trade

Shoo for Good is a social enterprise that works uniquely with monitored members of the World Fair Trade Organization. Our artisan partners work in safe conditions, receive fair wages, and follow sustainable, earth-friendly practices, in both Ethiopia and India. We choose to produce our scarves in parts of the world that are rich in skill and tradition but often lacking in opportunity for women and other marginalized communities. Every scarf we sell helps create much-needed jobs that preserve the traditional arts–hand spinning, dyeing, weaving, and printing–and give people a brighter future. We are proud to offer their gorgeous work to our customers.